Dahua IP camera 12Megapixel
  • M/L/X/XL


Access Control System
  • ZKT Eco


Growatt ES5000
  • Solar Power Inverter ON/Off Grid


Detnov Fire Panel
  • Addressale Fire Alarm Panel up to 256 sensor, with interface application, please ask for smoke, heat or Dual sensors prices


Smart Door Gates
  • Door gates via face recogniton or ID card using IP management system


Solar Chrger with Panel
  • 10/20/30/40 etc.. Solar Charger with Panel price for charger 10A 12 or 24v


Growatt HVM 5K
  • Gorwatt Inverter with Parralel function up to 9 unit with BMS and WIFI link


Longi Panel
  • Longi Mono Panel 455 W Mono PERC 144 Half-cell Tier1


  • DT Videophone 2 wire 7 inch full Touch Glass tempered, tier 1 V-tec model chronus,Supper thin design * Capacitive touch screen with high resolution * Color icon menu * 12pcs 8-chord Melodies for choose freely * Compatible with all DT outdoor & Indoor stations 2-wire system 7 inch Digital Color TFT Monitor with touch screen, 1 Language & Icon customized, supper thin design


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