Access Control Starting price


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  • Brand:
  • Newcco,ZKTeco,Sebury, others..


Access Control system is not only a door openning machine via code, card or biometric like finger, face or eye retina, but it can be more professional and reliable, such as time attendance, schedule smart access, secure link and authority, online connectivity and notification and much more..

  • Avaliable Color :
  • White / Black / Silver / Grey

  • Housing Type :
  • Aluminium, Zink Alloy, Plastic, Glass

  • Standalone, Network, control module and others
  • using code, card, finger print, face recognition
  • handpunch, retina Eye, face shape
  • can support up to 1000 cards and more
  • Mutliusers, and some can open 2 different locks and much more
  • Update and maintenance Available
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Access Control Water proof -->
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